Are you interested in forming a new HPIB Chapter in your city?
The process is very simple...

Step 1. Join Hockey Players in Business. $50/yr membership fee paid annually.

Step 2. Invite at least 4 hockey friends (5 including yourself) to join the organization.

Step 3. Hold your first happy hour networking event.
Contact a venue for pricing and availabilty and select a date, then submit this information to Rob MacKinlay, HPIB President.


• Rookie Chapter: 5 members

• Experienced Chapter: 25 members

• Veteran Chapter: 50 members

• All-Star Chapter: 100+ members

Becoming a HPIB Chapter President is a very low time commitment endeavor. All back office support for marketing and event registration is handled by our corporate office in Cleveland, OH. There are no costs involved besides the initial $50 standard membership fee.

Contact HPIB President Rob MacKinlay today if this sounds like something you might be interested in.
phone: (440) 367-8089

Download a printable PDF with this information by clicking on the image below.

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