April 29, 2018

HPIB New York April 26, 2018 First Happy Hour Event Recap

On Thursday, April 26th the HPIB NYC/NJ chapter held its inaugural networking event at Houndstooth Pub in midtown Manhattan (conveniently by MSG). A brand new chapter received great support by 20 new members joining in for the event! Members from all different industries and varying hockey backgrounds showed up including D1, ex AHL, Adult League locals, heads of industry, Financial Analysts, Agency CEO’s and more. It was a fun night of NHL Stanley Cup Playoff game watch party (Pens/Caps) and networking. Jasmine Sandler, President of this new chapter gave a short introduction on the mission of HPIB. People around the bar grew interested in the organization. From this event, the NYC/NJ chapter sees a very bright future. To help make this event a success, a local Northwest Mutual office bought the first round of beers (always welcome by thirsty hockey players). The NYC/NJ HPIB committee did a great job coordinating this event and is already planning many more.