Chapter Locations

Listed below are all active chapter locations of the Hockey Players in Business network. If you live near any of the locations below and would like more information, feel free to reach out to the contact listed as the Chapter President with any questions. If you do not live near any of our current locations and are interested in starting a new Chapter in a new location click below to see what the requirements are for new HPIB chapters. Thank you for your interest!

Boston, Massachusetts Chapter

Chapter President: Charles Wisniewski
Phone: 440-391-8109  

Cleveland, Ohio Chapter

Chapter President: Rob MacKinlay
Phone: 440-213-8686  

Columbus, Ohio Chapter

Chapter President: Alex Lippincott
Phone: 614-359-1546


Detroit, Michigan Chapter

Chapter President: Tony Zaccagni
Phone: Coming soon

Los Angeles, California Chapter

Chapter President: Bryan Allen
Phone: 949-222-2999

Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania Chapter

Chapter President: Mike Schultz
Phone: 330-212-1691

St. Louis, Missouri Chapter

Chapter President: Shannon Lewandoski
Phone: 314-495-9709

Toledo, Ohio Chapter

Chapter President: Eric Douglas
Phone: 419-350-5250

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