Why Join?

Three reasons why every goal scorer, playmaker, and grinder should join this network:


Networking Events

Members will have the opportunity to attend all local, regional, and global HPIB events throughout the year, and meet face-to-face with some of the smartest, most talented business leaders in the world—from C-level centermen, to Blue Chip blueliners to starting goalie startups.


Searchable Directory

All HPIB members have access to a fully searchable database of member profiles based on their industry, geography, size of business, highest level of hockey, and current hockey involvement. So, whether you’re looking for a local architect, a national staffing firm, or a good Presidents’ Weekend hockey tournament for your son’s squirt team, you’ll have it all at your (banged-up) fingertips.


Free Advice and Help Requests

From asking for advice on how the new tax laws affect your small business, to trying to find a competitive adult league in a new city, members have the ability to pose a business or hockey question to their entire global network… or a hyper-targeted group based on industry, geography, or playing level.

“Hockey Players In Business is the differentiating factor of my network expansion...

after moving to Pittsburgh over a year ago from Cleveland. The events held have not only helped me connect with other members, but it has also enabled me to contribute to the community via charitable donations to organizations such as the Pittsburgh Penguins Foundation. Finally, HPIB has even helped me get on two men’s league hockey teams in the area after my transition.”

Mike Schultz, HPIB Member and Pittsburgh Chapter Director

“HPIB is a great way to network with like-minded people...

and give back to the game of hockey! HPIB continues to help grow my business, and I love seeing this network grow nationally. Massive win for hockey everywhere.”

Kevin Dahl, HPIB Member – Cleveland Chapter

“HPIB has expanded my professional business network...

and has allowed me to meet some truly great people I may not have otherwise had the chance to connect with. It has allowed me new opportunities to bring awareness to Minute Men HR and Staffing and explain to other like-minded business professionals why we should be the first choice for any labor or HR services needed. ”

Michael Oliver, HPIB Member – Cleveland Chapter

“I have thoroughly enjoyed the HPIB get-togethers that I have been able to attend...

The various speakers have been entertaining and getting to know fellow players away from the rink has been both fun and enlightening. Although on the ice, there can be a great discrepancy in talent level, I have found that off the ice, each of us is simply trying hard at our chosen profession to provide for our families and continue to learn and become smarter business people each day. There is no reason that The Ice Rink cannot become to hockey players what The Country Club has always been to golfers: a place to meet, compete, socialize and connect.”

Marty Vugrinac, HPIB Member – Toledo Chapter

“I moved to Toledo after my hockey career...

For the first time in my life, I was not part of a team, but HPIB is providing an opportunity to meet with various people from the hockey world and brings me back to the locker room for a couple hours. The quality of the speakers at events has been great and really diversified. Looking forward to many more networking opportunities.”

Mathieu Beaudoin, HPIB Member – Toledo Chapter