March 7, 2018

Hockey Players in Business Launches New & Improved Web Experience

Welcome to the new and improved Hockey Players in Business website. This new site improves upon our ability to achieve the core mission of the network in many ways. There are a few improvements and new site features that we wanted to make sure to highlight:

1.) A more “searchable directory” – All HPIB members have access to a fully searchable database of member profiles based on their industry, geography, size of business, highest level of hockey, and current hockey involvement. So, whether you’re looking for a local architect, a national staffing firm, or a good Presidents’ Weekend hockey tournament for your son’s squirt team, you’ll have it all at your (banged-up) fingertips.

2.) Easier sign up for networking events – Members will have the opportunity to attend all local, regional, and global HPIB events throughout the year, and meet face-to-face with some of the smartest, most talented business leaders in the world—from C-level centermen, to Blue Chip blueliners to starting goalie startups.

3.) Free advice and help requests – From asking for advice on how the new tax laws affect your small business, to trying to find a competitive adult league in a new city, members have the ability to pose a business or hockey question to their entire global network… or a hyper-targeted group based on industry, geography, or playing level. We believe this will prove to be an innovative tool that will allow members to interact in a targeted and purposeful way.

4.) Simpler navigation & User experience, and a website that speaks to hockey players in a language they can appreciate. (If you don’t know what a “celly” is, this site probably isn’t for you. Ha!)

We hope you enjoy the new site. We feel this update will facilitate the growth of our organization and help to develop the relationships amongst our members.

One final very important item we want to mention. The first time current HPIB members login to the new site you will need to reset your password as your previous one will no longer work. Just Click on this link and enter the email address that you registered for HPIB with.

Thank you for being a part of HPIB. Cheers to our continued success together!