December 14, 2020

HPIB Year in Review – 2020

A Look Back at 2020


Fellow HPIB Members,
What can we say about 2020? A truly remarkable and bizarre year indeed. As we look toward 2021, I wanted to provide you with a recap of 2020 and an update on Hockey Players in Business.

The pandemic delivered a heavy open ice bodycheck on HPIB as our chapter events were limited from March through October 2020. However, we were able to host 13 events throughout the country in 2020 and our membership has remained steady. There is still uncertainty surrounding COVID-19, the vaccine(s) and when life will return to normal, or at least close to it. We are optimistic that in 1st quarter 2021 we will be able to commence our chapter events throughout the country.

Thanks to your support, HPIB was able to make 5 meaningful contributions to hockey related causes in 2020 that totaled $13,000. Our largest contribution of $5,000, was donated to ASHA ( ASHA, which stands for American Special Hockey Association, is an amazing organization whose mission is to serve those with intellectual, developmental, and physical disabilities through the sport of hockey. Our donation will truly make an impact on that organization.

As we look to 2021, we are well positioned for growth. We have a stable passionate membership with a plethora of success stories about HPIB members collaborating to drive business. Our extensive chapter footprint includes 22 chapters throughout the US and Canada and includes 3 new chapters in 2020 (New Jersey, Westchester and Indianapolis). We have a very healthy balance sheet with the ability to weather the remaining COVID-19 storm and will re-emerge post pandemic in a position of strength. We are 100% volunteer led with a mission that has been proven out in the past 4 years. We envision HPIB having 5,000 + members throughout the US and Canada in the next 5 years and continuing to make a significant impact on each other’s businesses and the game of hockey. Thank you for your support, patience, and perseverance!

Best wishes for a peaceful, happy and healthy holiday season.

Rob MacKinlay
Founder & Co-President