September 26, 2017

Q&A with Featured Hockey Players in Business Member: Derek Booth

Derek Booth

Sales, Lakepoint Energy; RE/Max Preferred Associates

Where did you grow up?

Niagara Falls, Ontario

What is your hockey history?

  • Played in the Ontario Hockey League for four years
  • Played 12 years professional hockey in the AHL and ECHL
  • Played in Europe for four years (Austria three years and Germany one year)
  • Coached professional hockey in Fayetteville, NC (SPHL) for two years
  • Coached professional hockey for two years in Bloomington, IL (UHL)

What business are you in now?

I work in three different areas: commercial energy (with Lakepoint Energy), real estate (with RE/Max Preferred Associates), and professional hockey. Generating sales and scouting professional hockey keeps me busy, but it gives me the freedom to be my own boss!

How has hockey helped you achieve success?

Hockey has definitely impacted my life. It’s given me the confidence to meet new people and taught me to keep a level head, never getting too high or too low in life. I’ve also used the pressure of being on the ice to my advantage in life. After my experiences in hockey, watching others “bite at my heels” (whether trying to snag my job or my clients) only makes me even more motivated to stay focused and continue improving in my professions.

Can you share a few fun facts about yourself?

I love skating with my old teammates on Thursday nights at an outdoor rink in Toledo, Ohio.

How can other HPIB members contact you or learn more about your business?

Phone: 419.410.4791